II. Confidentiality Statement
  1. TRAIN Affiliates have access to all learner records, including transcripts, entered and managed through their Affiliate site and have the right to delete or edit all such learner records. Affiliates may use individual or aggregate data from learner records for any public health purpose, including but not limited to workforce assessments, performance management, federal grant reporting, and communications related to public health preparedness training and emergency responses requiring trained personnel. Affiliates may further restrict the use of learner record data in accordance with the policies and laws governing the Affiliate site and organization.
  2. Affiliates may assign rights to access learner records to local public health agencies or other entities responsible for public health workforce training, and the Affiliate shall assure that the agency or entity abides by the privacy and confidentiality commitments contained herein. Affiliates may grant access rights to learner records to vendors performing evaluation or other duties on the Affiliate's behalf, so long as such vendors agree to the confidentiality terms set forth by PHF.
  3. PHF will not alter or delete learner records from an Affiliate site except to transfer a record to another Affiliate, make necessary repairs, or as otherwise requested by the learner or Affiliate that has rights to the record.
  4. When a learner chooses to register for a course through or TRAIN, the course provider may access required and optional contact information contained in the learner record for communications related to the course. Course providers have no access to transcript information in the learner record.
  5. PHF and its vendors have access to all learner records in TRAIN. PHF and any vendors used by PHF, Affiliates, or their designees agree that learner records containing transcripts and individually identifying data will not be disclosed to any third party, except upon the written authorization of the learner, or upon the order of a court of competent jurisdiction.
    1. Records received or created as part of the official business of the Florida Department of Health are subject to Florida's public records laws and will be provided in response to a public records request unless exempt and/or confidential under Florida law.
  6. After excluding any individually identifying data, PHF and Affiliates may compile and aggregate data from Affiliate learner records for analysis, assessments, and planning purposes to a third party.


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